Structured wiring has become standard in new homes to bring order to video, voice, and data distribution. When installed correctly, the new homeowner is set to experience top of the line video, voice, and cat-6-unshielded-ethernet-lan-cables_9networking performance in the present and is prepared to adapt their equipment to changing technologies. ACE uses CAT 6 in all of its new homes for the data wiring which is designed to transmit 1000BaseT at Gigabit speeds. CAT 6 is wider cable than CAT 5e with more twists within its pairs to prevent crosstalk.This infrastructure paired with top of the line gigabit routers will give the homeowner extremely fast internet for streaming video and audio throughout their home.

Wireless Access Points (WAPs)

Araknis_LogoNEW_701With multiple users operating devices at on time on the wireless network, strategically placed WAPs will ensure that even the extremes of the house and outdoor living spaces have great WiFi connectivity. Advanced Consumer Electronics sells the latest top-of-the-line WAPs that outperform the competition on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, to ensure you get the best out of your wireless network. Plus, the Araknis 500 and 700 series models from incorporate Wireless-AC for greater speed and performance. Thoroughly tested and designed with you in mind, these WAPs provide industry-leading speed, coverage and reliability. Plus, their dynamic, sleek look blends into any environment with ease, while Fast Roaming capability allows for optimum performance in multi-WAP installs.