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Custom Design, Installation & Service

Advanced Consumer Electronics, Inc. is proud to offer the best central vac in the industry. We use equipment from a company called BEAM Central Vacuum Systems. Discover central vacuum systems for your home.

Beam offers the most powerful motor in the industry, self-cleaning vacuum filters from the inventors of Gore- Tex fabric with anti-microbial agents, “Quiet Pak” sound insulation system and soft start, deliver the quietest and most convenient vacuum¬† available.


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Fresh thinking from Beam manufacturing also offers cleaning tools and attachments that operate like a team, flawlessly. You can clean where no vacuum has been able to reach before. Carpet. Hardwoods. Tile. Upholstery. Fans. Vents. Stairs. Nooks. Crannies. Their fresh thinking means never having to hear “You missed a spot.” Beam offers cleaner healthier living — built in.


The concept behind central vacuum systems has always been to offer a level of cleaning superior to portable vacuum cleaners by utilizing powerful motors for optimal pickup and retention of household dust, and collection and containment in the central power unit away from living areas.

Protect your families health; protect your carpet and expensive hardwood floors with a professionally installed central vacuum system. You will love the convenience and low installed price.

Precision Cleaning System

A Beam Central Vacuum Cleaning system is the only system that is clinically proven to reduce allergy symptoms. Unlike conventional vacuums that just re-circulate dust, a Beam System removes dirt, dust mites, pollen, animal dander and other allergens completely from living areas creating a healthier environment.