Will my alarm system go off and bother the neighbors?

Your alarm panel will be programmed to sound the siren during an alarm event for four minutes, then silence and rearm itself.

Do alarm systems really work?

Homes without alarm systems are three times more likely to be burglarized and the property loss is 10 times greater without an alarm.

Are alarm systems expensive?

Large systems generally cost less than the average dollar loss due to a home robbery — $1725. In addition the alarm system can be financed with the monitoring service over a number of years.

Do police believe in and support alarm systems?

Police departments recommend security alarm systems as a line of defense to would be burglars. Fire departments highly recommend at least one monitored smoke detector in a residence.

Will I get false alarm fines from the city?

Most cities do not have a false alarm ordinance and those that do will give you three free police dispatches in any 12 month period. We review the call reports daily and will be in contact before you get into trouble with false alarms.

Are alarm systems a good investment?

The money it costs to install a security system will not compare to the time and money it will cost to replace or rebuild lost family valuables.

Can kids operate the alarm system?

With the basic instructions and correct codes children can use the system with ease. Kids are more likely to use the alarm after parental instructions.

Do people really use their alarm system?

We find that once someone experiences the peace of mind that an alarm system provides them, they will not live in a home without a system.

Are alarm systems complicated?

A well-planned alarm system should not alter your normal lifestyle they should be simple to use. We have support people available to help you free of charge.

Do thunderstorms and lightning cause false alarms?

Thunderstorms and lightning are acts of nature. Nothing will stand up to a direct lightning strike, but if power is lost our systems backup battery will power the system up to 8 hours, provided internal components are not damaged. We are available for technical help 24/7.

Does the alarm system require binding, and expensive monthly monitoring contracts?

Our normal monitoring contracts are for three years and then go month to month. The monthly rate is $19.95.

Are alarm systems another maintenance problem?

Alarm systems do not require any more maintenance than other household appliances such as, a TV or dishwasher.

Do I have anything anyone would want to steal?

Burglars take what is easy to move and sell. The average loss per home burglary is $1725. The usual burglarized home is an average priced home.

I have insurance, why do I need an alarm system?

Insurance replaces some of your monetary loss, while alarm system prevent loss. Insurance does not save lives, while a life safety system does.