Why should you do business with Advanced Consumer Electronics?

Local company. We are not associated with any other alarm company. The person you are dealing with will always be the person you deal with. We can provide custom-designed alarm systems using the best equipment available, and do it as economically as possible.

Established company. We have been in business for over 35 years!  We are a locally owned and operated family business. All employees are long-term, loyal, well-trained, and dedicated people. The average length of service is greater than eight years. Some employees own company stock and all employees share in the success of the company.

Local monitoring. We use a local monitoring service resulting in better, quicker and more complete monitoring services. The monitoring station,Security Central, Statesville, NC is UL listed, California Fire Marshal approved, and IQ certified by the Electronic Security Association. Security Central is among the best alarm monitoring companies in the world. It will meet all insurance requirements and will exceed your personal expectation.

Service. Our company goal is to provide the best service possible. We are not in the alarm contract business. We are in the client services business. A well-designed and professional install alarm system seldom requires service. If service is needed, ACE security has the people, equipment, and experience to keep your alarm system in excellent working condition.

Communication. We can be reached 24/7. When you call ACE security a real person answers the phone and that person can help you. If you call after normal working hours you will be directed to a real person.

Full service. We are a full-service low-voltage integration company. We design, install and service audio/video, camera, telephone, intercom, computer network wiring, access control, lighting, and central vacuum systems. “One call can do it all.”

Employees. All employees are long-term, well-trained, dedicated employees. All employees are investigated and approved by the State Bureau of investigation.

False alarms. We review the alarm reports daily, looking for potential problems or multiple alarms. We try to prevent false alarms from happening. If a false alarm does occur we try to prevent it from happening again.

Account support. All changes, additions or corrections to your alarm account are done over the phone free of charge. You will talk to a knowledgeable, experienced representative.

Monitoring contracts. We do not sell our accounts to anyone especially national chains. We are not in the alarm contractor business. We are in the client services business. You are our important valuable client.

Equipment. We use only the best, most reliable equipment. We avoid factory assembled kits, wireless kits, and unproven alarm devices.

Name recognition. Some companies use massive advertising or a well-established existing company to get name recognition. We however rely only on our honesty, service, and experience to establish us as the best alarm installing company in the triad area.

Advertising. We do depend on referrals from our existing clients for most of our advertising.

Truth in sales presentation. We stand behind what we say. Our sales representatives do not make unsubstantiated or untrue claims. All of our sales representatives have years of design and installation experience.